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Reineke Otten studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven. She often examines large social processes in her work, which she records and classifies in a personal manner. In 42 World Skin Color Maps she charts the skin colours of the world’s population. She determines the characteristics by using the World Fact Book, Internet data, interviews with dermatologists, research by cosmetic companies, thousands of images and particularly her own intuition. The map of the world was not the point of departure for drawing up the inventory; Otten chose an abstract system, in which several rows of dots of a colour-family that range from light to dark per country. This gives each map more the character of a sample sheet of possibilities rather than a documentation of types. Her inventory is far removed from the usual politically charged atmosphere that is typical for demographic charts.

Source: TENT.


Graphic Matters, Breda
World Skin Color Scarves

Hope, de Kazerne
Curated by Ilse Crawford, Oscar la Pena
World Skin Color Project

Bloot – Het kwetsbare Lichaam at Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen.
Curated by Thomas Widderhoven
World Skin Color Project

Beyond Generations, Van Abbe museum Eindhoven
Curated by Annemartine van Kesteren
World Skin Color Project

De Nederlandse Identiteit, Kracht van het heden, Museum de Paviljoens
World Skin Color Project

In your Face, Central Museum Utrecht.
Commissioned by: Central Museum Utrecht & Fonds BKVB

Fremd, Atelier Frankfurt
World Skin Colors Project

Source material, TENT Rotterdam
World Skin Color Project

Superstories, Modemuseum/ Z33 Hasselt
Curated by: Koos Flinterman
World Skin Color Project

Shenzhen & Hong-Kong Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture
World Skin Color Project

Human Analyses, Eindhoven Design Week 2006
World Skin Color Project

De Droomindendant, Amsterdam
Commissioned by: Lex ter Braak, FONDS BKVB