Scarves Legenda


Indicating: The number of airports in that country.
How to read it: 1 dot is 5 airports.
Source: CIA The World Fact Book.

Number of airports: 1
Country: Aruba

Number of airports: 15095
Country: United States

Country Shapes

Indicating: The shape of the country
How to read it: The white outline becomes visible to the backdrop of the other layers.
Source: LUST

The Netherlands

Fiji Islands

Density and Diversity

Indicating: The population density per square km within that country and the ethnic diversity of that population.

How to read it:
Number of dots is calculated by taking the density as a percentage of the most dense country (Monaco) 10 dots per percentage point. The skincolors of the dots resemble the diversity in ethnic groups within that country.

CIA The World Fact Book.

Density: 312
Percentage: 1%
Number of dots: 14

Density: 22083
Percentage: 100%
Number of dots: 1000


Indicating: The gross domestic product per person in that country.
How to read it: Charts represent GDP as a percentage of the maximum (United States)
Source: Worldbank 2008

GDP: 8822

United States
GDP: 65480

Population Growth

Indicating: The growth of the population in that country. Measured from 1950 to 2000 and estimated from 2000 to 2050.
How to read it: Each bar in the graph is that years percentage of the maxiumum recorded population for that country and shows the relative growth within that country. 0% – 100% on the Y-axis, 1950-2050 on X-axis
Source: United Nations Population Division 2009

Virgin Islands
1950: 26795
2050: 74963

1950: 4667
2050: 1106

Skin Color

Indicating: The ratio native/ non-native within the total population of that country in the average skincolor of the population.
How to read it: Filled area of each chart represents the native population as a percentage of the whole.
Source: United Nations Population Division.

United Arab Emirates
Migrant population: 2.863.027
Refugee population: 209
Native population: 1.621.699
Native population: 36%

Migrant population: 0
Refugee population: 0
Native population: 9888
Native population: 100%


Indicating: The minimum and maximum temperatures measured at one or various weatherstations in that country.
How to read it: Each bar represents one weather station in a particular country. The color of the rectangle is the average temperature recorded at that station. The top of the rectangle indicates the maximum temperature and the bottom indicates the minimum temperature measured in that specific weatherstation.
Source: Meteo Group 2008

Weatherstations: 3
Maximum: 33.3 c
Minimum: 14,4 c

Weatherstations: 18
Maximum: 17.8 c
Minimum: -10 c

UV Radiation

Indicating: The UV radiation as determined by hours of sun.
How to read it: The color of the diagonal stripe is calculated as a percentage between the miniumum and maxium sun hour values. It ranges from 0% (blue line) to 100% (red line).
Source: Meteo Group 2008