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    About the the WSC Scarves:
    Every country has its own composition of skin colors that is linked to its population, climate, economy, politics, and social practices.

    The World Skin Colors scarves turn this (demographic) data into a visual language, and then into fashion. Each layer represents a different factor influencing the composition of skin tones in a particular place.

    This makes each of the 231 scarves is unique because each country generates its own data.  The scarves reveal relationships, histories, and patterns of populations; they tell stories that you can fold, twist, drape, hang, or wear; stories to contemplate, discuss, or retell.

    The scarves come into a gift box accompanied with a little card for the washing instructions and a storytelling booklet that includes de legend of the scarves.

    100% Silk Twill 14 mm Made in Italy

    140 x 140 cm / 55 x 55 inch

    The WSC scarves are available for every country in the world.
    If the country you wish for is not available you can contact for a special order.

    Total weight
    Scarf, gift box and booklet: 265 gram

    AVAILABILITY: Out of stock

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