The WSC Scarves turn demographic data into a visual language, and then into fashion.

Each of the 231 scarves is unique because each country generates its own data. The scarves reveal relationships, histories, and patterns of populations; they tell stories that you can fold, twist, drape, hang, or wear; stories to contemplate, discuss, or retell.

Available for every country in the world.

 I create the conditions for these layers of information to interact visually. The beauty, for me, lies in the surprises — the unexpected ways in which these shapes and colors come together.

-Reineke Otten

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Price: 99,- euro
100% Silk
Twill 14 mm
Size 140 x 140 cm / 55 x 55 inch
Made in Italy

Soon there will be a on-line store with a limited selection of countries for sale.
In the meantime please send me an email to see if yours is on-stock.
If so you can pay with pay-pal and I can send it to you right away!

If your scarf is not on-stock, don’t worry you can pre-order any country you wish for and I will make one for you. This will take 4-6 weeks.

Please write an email to:
to check if your preferred country is on-stock.